Room 8s portraits

Jordan Diskin

Olivia Donaldson

Zane Mead

Holly Thomas

Keegan Williams 

Jarrad Barr

Ella Blanchet

Phoebe Moyer

William Julian

Maddy Woods

Josh Thomason

Esta Corbett

Piper Wray

Zavier Callaghan

Jarrad Shelling

Serina Russ

Ethan Currie

Georgia Livingstone

Kyle Leitch

Alice Rozga

Marcus Peattie

Maddison Muollo

Chloe Dunn

Ellie Rose McDonald


Roly said...

Wow, I love the portraits! They look so cool.
Karolyne (Chloe's mum)

Anonymous said...

They look really cool! : ) Toni
( Esta's Mum)

keegs said...

2 cool :3

Anonymous said...

they look lit asf cant wait till next year

Unknown said...

Kyle leitch is a bully and a hippo