Camp Photo's

 Riwaka walk Day1

Home for a week

Home for the week

Kumara pits


Mr King made us go through the mud

Beach art

One of our parents photo bombing a great photo.

Judge Dobbie

Estuary walk with Richard De Hamel  

Mitch found a few winners

Shelby doesn't like crabs..

Mrs Blanchet photo bombing again.

Wicked find Josh


Mr Dobbie saves the day

Full speed ahead

Shuttle to Abel 

Bit of spray doesn't go well with the girls

Split apple rock

Little cold Flynnie? 

Starting the walk


Mr king and Jr king.

Team sack races

All in time guys!

Miss Price proves to be a better sack racer than Mr Dobbie

Big crabs don't faze Mr Diskin

Cooking marshmellows 

Night time work


Anonymous said...

i love the way the photos captured the kids having fun while exploring and learning!

Toni (Estas mum) said...

Was a really nice place to be and the kids were awesome!